Leshnak Wealth coordinates personalized financial strategies through our strategic alliances with key industry professionals.

Financial Stability

Leshnak Wealth has no proprietary investment products to push. We use a hybrid approach for our compensation known in the industry as fee-based. Fee-based differs from a fee-only, whereby an advisor who only derives compensation from flat fees or a percentage fee based on assets managed, or a commission broker, who would charge a one-time commission for each sale.

A fee-based structure enables us to charge a fee for ongoing management of your investment portfolio, but also have the flexibility to earn a commission for a one-time transaction that falls outside of portfolio management such as purchasing long term care insurance or securing life insurance. We believe the commission model is an outdated obstacle to conscientious advisors because it stresses transactions, which may not always in in your best interest. Our fees vary depending on portfolio size, type of assets, and management style. We focus on your financial objectives and your future. We will always disclose how we are being compensated and would earn either a fee or a commission on a single transaction, but never both.

We manage estate planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, and tax planning. We believe that the synergy created by a team of professionals makes our approach more efficient than working with any one professional individually. These alliances allow our team, through our affiliation with FSC Securities Corporation, to provide world-class advice and service with reasonable fees.

Our Investment Process

Before we begin developing your investment strategy, we take a good hard look at where you are today. We assess your investment goals, available resources, desired rate of return, and risk tolerance. This research allows us to customize a plan to fit your specific needs. Then we develop a distinct Investment Policy Statement—a blueprint that addresses your specific risk verses return concerns. Once that blueprint is in place, we provide personalized investment advice. Our top priority is to choose the right asset allocation strategy that fits your life and your goals.

  • We carefully monitor the portfolio’s progress, providing you with quarterly reports that summarize your activity and compare it to your goals.
  • We make periodic adjustments to rebalance your portfolio, ensuring that our strategies stay on track with your needs.
  • Our process will utilize fundamental and technical analysis as we attempt to construct the optimum portfolio for each client.
  • We appreciate your business, and we look forward to serving as your personal “Financial Coach!”
You have worked hard for your money and can look to us to guide you toward financial confidence in retirement.
— Bob Leshnak, Founder

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